Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Hippie and Beyond

Last night was our Wednesday night ride. There were three of us and we headed up high to one of our favorites and what we call the Crazy Hippie trail. All of this stuff is off the radar and I hope it stays that way.
We had a great ride with good weather. There were some mechanicals, some exploring (oh yeah!) and some bushwacking to get back to the road. We managed to get back to the truck at dark and it was all good. We didn't see another soul out there, gotta love that and there was much buff ST to be had as well as some very technical, rocky downhill to be enjoyed. However I need to buy a new seat as I busted mine on the downhill.
Gotta love the summer!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Doggin' It

Well, I went for a lunch ride out on the trails by the Boulder Res. and to my chagrin I ran over and killed a poor little Prairie Dog today. One of those things where the little guy just pulled a freaky move and ended up under my tires. I'm a huge animal lover and it broke my heart but it was truly an accident that happened so fast. I pulled him off the trail into the grass, hopefully his life will come full circle and he'll be a dinner for a hungry coyote or some other critter out there. I then rode away, feeling very sorry, but life does go on and you can't wallow too deeply in the muck or you might get stuck.

Hopefully the day will get better from here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ridin' with Altitude

First blog ever being published here today. We'll see where this takes me or how often I publish. Pictures will soon follow I'd imagine. This is more or less a forum for my passion of ridin' my mountain bike and where that takes me physically and mentally.
It's summer and I've been ridin' a lot. Starting to get hot but not up high where I live and play. Rode both days this weekend. Saturday by myself on the trails behind the house which can make for a good two hours of ridin'. I like to ride a lone at times, it's good to be with just me.
Sunday was group ride day, me and the boys, ridin' hard. Though we got a late start which made me a bit antzy and we didn't ride as long as I could have, it was still gud. Rode up high, starting from Brainard Lake area down the North St. Vrain/Wapiti to Camp Dick, mostly downhill and ripping at that with a lot of rocks, technical stuff, keeps you on your toes and feet. I have 5.5" of travel on my LT but I wish I had more yesterday.
Started up the jeep road toward the wilderness area but ran into a lot of flooding about one mile up or so. Deep water in the road, getting wet was certain. The objective was to come down the 4 miles of trail along the stream on the other side of the road but some of the boyz I was ridin' with didn't want to continue on for various reasons. It was getting late and I was disappointed in their lack of desire to continue on but it was all gud. Another day. It was just sweet to be out ridin' and jumping and workin' it.
Today no ridin', day off, take my Root dog to vet for surgery and deal with other things, studio time, etc..
Ridin' will continue tomorrow.