Sunday, February 20, 2011


She made wings of love letters and cherry blossoms
by Amanda Blake

Sometimes you get dropped and sometimes you have to do the dropping, which is what I did to this blog for a few weeks. Life has been distracting and nothing has seemed worth sharing so I let it go. Something worth practicing for me.
This is what I've been up to lately:
  • Some riding, here and there. My fire has not been burning bright in this area of life this winter, partly on purpose and partly due to ebb and flow. However the flames are catching as I think of spring and summer.
  • I'm saving for a new bike or frame, this may take a while which is frustrating.
  • I demoed a Ibis Mojo HD. It was a lovely, fancy, carbon AM bike. I could see myself riding it or not...(lack of stoke)
  • I've been running more this winter and that has been good.
  • I've been rehabbing my back and hip this winter on my own and that has not been as quick and resulty as I would like. (reason for lack of stoke)
  • I'm working FT now, enter in some financial security exit my self employment as an artist (for the most part)
  • I've been teaching myself about nutrition and refining my diet/lifestyle and spending a lot more time in the kitchen, which is time consuming but very rewarding on many levels.
  • I've been teaching myself to leap with trust more. (this is a ongoing process)
  • I realizing that I NEED to relax more, rest more. My body is telling me this and I have to listen. It's one thing I can't apply myself towards with much focus.
  • We are slowly remodeling our kitchen and it's fun and rewarding and terribly expensive. There is so much you can spend your money on, it's terrible.
  • Reaffirmed that spending a day in the saddle freezing my ass off with my husband is a better day then doing almost anything else. We pedal along bemoaning our aches and pains to each other once in awhile. Growing old together is nice.
That's all really, nothing really, but something. I'll be back when there is more to share.