Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture Perfect!

It was just Emma and myself out for the first winter like ride of the season. We chose Picture Rock up to Wild Turkey as our ride. Snow in the area over night changed trail plans for the day and since Emma lives right by Picture Rock she said it looked ready to go and she was right, it was perfect. Couldn't ask for a nicer day to be riding there, no crowds, saw only 4 other riders and the trail was in top notch condition, no mud just nice and tacky. So we bundled up and headed out, a fun ride with a good friend, can't beat that with a stick.

Emma and Me about to head out.

Trailage early on. It was solid, no mud just tacky, just right.

No Disco Allowed!

Emma taking a quick picture break.

Emma's snug little house above the valley floor.

Taking a ride in the "Car"

Winter Loveliness!

Waiting for the bus at the top..

Me Coming Down from Up Top.

The snow almost completely disappeared as you got toward the top of the ride, the trail was almost completely dry in most places. We had fine ride to the bottom, bumpy and lumpy as Picture Rock is, just nice to be out enjoying a lovely winter day in good company and spirits!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pass the Fruit-a

Turkey Road Trip to Fruita Cancelled due to Bad Weather!

Maybe we'll get out there in Decembuuurrrr!

We'll be staying local and hanging out, doing things with friends, riding if the weather here permits. I was thinking of making a shepard's pie for Thursday with some wine and cheese. Watch some movies, have fun, play alot, work on the step downs, ooh and bake a gluten free pumpkin cake, that sounds good. I'm a huge pumpkin nut, pumpkin bread, pie, cake, anything with pumpkin in it is fine by me. It's all bueno!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Puttin' It Down!

Can you see my newish fork?

I finished building up my front end with Craig's help on Friday night. The nearly new Fox Talas runs great, I took the 160mm of plush travel for a spin on the trails behind the house early in the day Saturday. But the fun didn't really begin until I got home and Craig and I decided to play around out back on the step downs. We decided to give the bigger step down a go today, Craig first of course. He really had the balls to send it first, that was the one thing I was waiting for, to see the landing. And of course it was perfect, so fun, a steeper transition for sure and scarier approach but sweet and inspiring once dialed. It took me a couple tries before I was landing seamlessly into the transition but what a feeling. So here is a picture of me and a couple of videos, one of Craig and one of myself sending it..Awesome, I'm so glad we finally did it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Emma's New Bike..

I was planning on hanging out with Emma last night and I told her to bring her new bike by, I wanted to check out the lovely brand new Titus Moto-Lite. So when I finally got the chance to take a look at 'er this is what I saw! Too funny..

Emma's Sweet New Moto-Lite

Naturally she had piles of stuff from Costco everywhere around and on top of things, Keenan's birthday party is Saturday. I think I see her helmet and Dakine Nomad in there as well. Those are some nice FSA wheels and a new carbon fiber rear triangle! This looks like it could also be a potential camping trip as well. Fire roasted pizza, yuummm...I know she's gonna love the new rig!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Having Fun Being Obvious

Emma, Craig, Eddie, Jim and I headed out Sunday to ride PWDH. The riding was top notch and everything was very dry, what a warm and dry autumn we've had. I know Eddie is ready to get out and do some turns in the high country on his snow board at this point, so it was nice to have him a long for a late fall ride. We did the new version of PW we all seem to prefer, the PWDH shuttle.

Ready for some descending..
(image em)

Me ascending.
(image em)

I was really under the weather on this ride, my head cold kicked in and I didn't really even feel very present, I think the word is discombobulated. Note to self, when you have a head cold you'll probably ride like shit!

I had just sat up from laying down, feeling a little dizzy..
This is my chocolate outfit..
(image em)

Eddie taking a break, looks like he's saddled up.
(image em)

Craig giving his over the shoulder Blue Steel.
(image em)

Jimmijames getting ready to munch..
(image em)

(image em)

(image em)

(image em)

Ready for the long DH.
(image em)

The weather at this point in the day had turned cloudy, windier and cooler. I was hoping to stop and take some images from the DH but didn't. I really didn't take any shots the whole day, just not feeling it. So thank you Emma and Eddie for all of these shots.

Emma on the DH..
(image by eddie)

Carey on the DH..
(image by eddie)

These images don't do justice to this DH section, it's a full on sweet and tricky descent that keeps you focused and on your toes.

Emma and Eddie waiting for our ride and basking in the late afternoon sun..nice!

Local Super Hero, Jimijames!

A good day for all mostly. As for the title of this post, well after our ride a passing motorist and fellow mtber, who's name I won't mention, passed us as we were getting ready to take off. He decided to turn around and come back and admonish us, apparently he was concerned we were being too obvious and we'd somehow give away the not so top secret riding we'd just done. I'm not sure how anyone would figure out where we'd just been from just seeing us as they drove by, we weren't parked by the trail head or anything for that matter. The guy came across as a self-rightous ass and I stopped listening to him after a few moments because he was pissing me off and I didn't feel like getting into it with him. This same person has shown many riders "secret trails" in the area and has been shown "secret trails" by other riders himself, it was just bullshit. Some people just feel like they have to lord over things I guess.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is the fork that I'm getting to put on my BLT! A 2008 Fox 36 TALAS RC2 (20mm). I'm buying a used but completely overhualed by FOX, like new version from my friend Glenn, I could not pass it up. It has adjustable travel from 100mm to 160mm of buttery smooth travel. This also means I'm going to get a new front wheel as well. I'm super stoked for the new fork, the additional travel and the rigidity provided by the 20mm thru-axle. My BLT is morphing into a creature of my own design, sweet!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home


Finally home after a whirlwind and bittersweet trip back east. It was good to see various family members, catch up a little bit and take care of some business that needed to get done as well. I was able to finally deliver the ceramic urn that I made for my Mother's ashes, and it was even All Soul's Day, the urn worked beautifully. We stayed with my sister so that meant I got to spend time with my nephew Aaron whom I love and adore. I actually got to buy him his first helmet while there, $3.00 at the thrift store, he'll wear it while riding his big wheel which he does with no thought of crashing, he's quite fearless.

A-Ron with his new helmet ready to rip it up.

After leaving Virginia we headed to Michigan for a visit with Craig's family. That was nice as well, getting to catch up with family that we don't see often enough and Craig being able to spend time talking with his father who is in the beginning stages of Althizmers.

Craig and his Dad.

I spent most of my time reading and I went for some runs around a local lake, the day after my first run I could barely walk, my muscles aren't used to being worked in that way. Though after that I was enjoying myself while running and really enjoying using an IPOD that we borrowed from a friend for the trip. What a difference music makes to running, now I'd like to get one of my own.
The Tercel which we now call Zippy worked great and got us home safely, the Midwest was bitter cold though and the folks around Chicago drive insanely, we got almost 40 MPG which was awesome and gas prices are way down.
I'm glad to be home, Colorado is so awesome, ready to get back into my life, ride my bike, run if it's too windy or cold, work in the studio, read more books, spend time with friends, go camping for Thanksgiving and all the other things that will certainly come along.