Friday, February 27, 2009

Hate On!

I think it's time for a full Hate On! Get it out of my system, relieve the pressure so it'll pass but also embrace the Hate On, everyone hates at one time or another, it's natural, right? My Hate On's come periodically, I think it's left over from my punk rock days as a teenager, the angst that I've always carried with me in life, even if it's a quiet murmur at times. The angst that made me a lousy hippie, that always kept me out of a dress and in the dirt, the angst that makes me try hard shit on my mountain bike, that makes me get up when I'm down and try again. So it's not a bad thing, I just have to be aware of what it is and not take it too seriously and remember to laugh! Back to the Hate On though, my fuse has been short lately with things that aren't necessarily in my control. I don't have a Hate On for my friends, family,'s mostly for people I don't know, people that don't realize that they're pissing me off, people that make me wish I knew Gung Fu. So here is a incomplete list of things I have a Hate On for currently.

  1. School Buses that drive below the speed limit on a two lane road with no passing area and stop every 1/4 mile to let a rug rat off who ultimately forgets something and has to come back on the bus meanwhile creating a huge delay for the rat tail of cars behind the bus.

  2. School Zones when the lights are flashing. Notice how they're never any kids around when these lights are flashing you to drive 20 MPH. They also flash at strange times of day when kids should be in school. It's like a kid is gonna jump out like a scared dear, yeah right.

  3. Speed Trap Vans! We know what you are, we know what you're doing and you always park in the same place. These guys deserve a one finger salute every time you drive by, I still think that's legal.

  4. The guy who sits in the Speed Trap Vans. I see him or maybe her in there, but they're hiding all gutless behind those tinted windows. At least Meter Maids or Meter Men are out there in full daylight, that takes guts.

  5. People who drive below the speed limit for no apparent reason!

  6. People with a lot of money who tell you how you should be living your life. That means you Oprah!

  7. The fact that I don't have enough money to live my life the way I think I should. Not all the time, I choose simplicity over extravagance and a lot of toys but it would be nice to buy a new crank set for my one bike.

  8. People. Yes, once and awhile I get a Hate On for people in general. I love my friends and family, I know in my mind and sometimes in my heart that we're all connected, a part of the same family, suffering, loving, living. We all want the same good things in life, I get it. But damn, they're sure are a lot of us out there and some of us are really annoying. This is the part of me that would be happy living on some land in the mountains or desert far away from cities.

  9. People, women specifically, who urinate all over public toilet seats and don't think they need to clean up after themselves. Really, you think someone else should do that for you? I don't think so.

  10. Lastly, cause I'll stop my intolerant rant as it's starting to annoy even me and I don't want to have to put myself on my own list, is people who think it's their place to tell other people what to do, how to do it, when to do it. A righteous attitude in my opinion. I don't mind kind advice but people who go out of their way to let you know that you should be doing things their way piss me off. To each his own, unless you're hurting someone else mind your own damn business.
That's all, it felt really good to get that out. Now I can move on, practice some tolerance and patience, patience has never been my strong suit. I will make a list of things I love at some point, because duality exists in everything and you can't have the Hate On without the Love On.

Monday, February 23, 2009

February Riding

It's been a warm winter and that means a lot of riding outside and the trainer is getting no use and many cobwebs, yeah! But regardless of how grateful I am for Nobo trails, Hall Ranch and Picture Rock, it's getting a little stale and I'm looking for different rides and adventures. Kinda cabin fever for trail riding. So on Saturday I decided to head out solo on the north facing trails behind my house. These trails are never open in February, I usually have to wait till May to ride them. But not this year...

Part of the trail system on the back of our mountain. It's 60% clear right now.

Some lovely winter socks for riding.

And there is still some winter snowy conditions where the sun doesn't quite reach yet.

Sunday was a even warmer day, though with some clouds hiding the sun. We headed out with Kim and Dan and met Scott up at Walker Ranch. I had a feeling this ride would be good to go and it was delightful. We hadn't ridden with Kim and Dan in while so it was nice to catch up with those two and I got to see Kim's Salsa 29er that climbs wicked fast. It was nice to get Scott out too.

However we were plaugued with mechanicals starting with Craig's pinch flat 5 minutes into the ride. 10 minutes later we stopped again for awhile to help out some other folks with a flat and no tube, patch kit or tools, oops. We climbed up the portage and zipped away on dry trails.

Dan attempting a difficult tech section, that tree is really in the way..

Agh, so close!

Kim's turn..

Kim got very close as well and had some onlookers for added pressure. We all attempted this nasty little climb, it was tough but I think it's only a matter of time before it's ticked off.

Kim and Dan apri ride, good ride!

Scott and Craig apri ride as well enjoying some Sessions and getting the rigs ready to roll back home. I didn't take a ton of pics, focused on riding, it was a splendid day, good folks, good riding, some good DH. There wasn't much snow at all, only exception was on the switchback section down but totally ridable, fun and with a little sketch factor thrown in for good measure. Now I'm wondering how many of my other little local stashes are ready to ride. It's nice when everything seems to come together effortlessly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Root, a better dog there never was..

Root at Sunrise at Fish & Owl Canyon, UT
(Image taken by Bob Stovern)

Root - Our Beloved Boy

Our boy Root passed on from this life this weekend. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to him, he's been with us for 15 years. He was so much a part of our lives, our history.

Josy and Root

Josy and Root were like brother and sister, though from separate litters, they were 5 weeks apart in age, Root older. They were so close, I feel bad for Josy being without her pal.
Root we love you brave boy, your memory lives on in our hearts and minds!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Out There

Storm organizing itself over the desert near Cedar Mesa, UT.

Winter has been dry and warm here in Boulder this year, it's wearing on me, the same dish served up everyday. I'm actually missing dark storm filled skies and the threat of snow, I'd say rain too because I love rain in dry places but we don't get rain in the winter here. This time of year my desire to be in the desert, the canyons, becomes palpable and I do a lot of day dreaming of getting somewhat lost wondering around out in the middle of nowhere. Enjoying the solitude and isolation that comes with the desert. My inner dirt-bag moaning for attention.

Salt Flats, Death Valley.

My thoughts turn to a simple life of traveling around, adventures and exploration with just the essentials to life. Unburdening oneself from all the things that weigh and pull at you, stress and wear at you. I could live for awhile in my truck with my man, my bike and some gear, the dogs too, just following our hearts content, going where we want, when we want. Living by the sun and moon. That way of being has always been a part of my soul just because you get older doesn't mean that part of you should or does go away.

Road Canyon, Cedar Mesa, UT

Right now a variety of things are extremely challenging for myself and Craig. When I carry too many burdens my thoughts always stream to a simpler way of existence, to a way of living that has balance and purpose, that doesn't turn you inside and out, an existence that matters in a way not associated with things but experience. I am there in my heart.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Suprises are Nice

I got a call Saturday morning from my friend Anne. She was in Boulder from Santa Fe with her son Cypress and her friend Tarn. Luckily I had no plans so I got to spend the whole day with her and Cy. Anne is one of those dear friends that I don't see very often but when I do we just pick up from where we left off, I've known here for more than 15 years I think. Cypress I've known since he was born, he's grown a lot, 9 years now. She has a beautiful daughter, Cree, but she wasn't a long for this trip.

Anne and Cypress.

Anne and myself!

Anne has always inspired me with her spirit and energy for life, she's a very unique person and she's an amazing photographer as well. I'm so glad you called!