Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coyote Ridge

Blue Sky looking North

I enjoyed a warm, dry ride out at Coyote Ridge and Blue Sky trails on Sunday with Emma. It had a little bit of everything, technical, fast and flowy, rock steps, climbing, descending, mileage and it was new to me interesting. It felt good to get out and away from my higher levels of stress lately, apparently I can still distract myself from my worries by riding my bike, in the way that children have the ability to spontaneously use their imagination to forget what's bothering them and be inspired by every pony, feather or bug that crosses their path.
Josy, our incredibly sweet and beloved 15 year old Border Collie has been a pretty sick pup lately and we've been nursing her back to health which has been up and down for the last 3 weeks. Every time we get one of her conditions or symptoms under control something else happens that needs attention and usually at 2AM in the morning. At 15 I think she has dodged a bullet so to speak yet I worry about her and everything, probably too much. Though a certain feeling or understanding has occurred to me lately about having animals. I've always had cats and dogs throughout my life and kinda don't completely understand people who choose not to have animals but over the last 4 years we have steadily lost one dear animal friend after another at a great cost in various ways. Each time seems to be harder and more stressful for me, to the point where I don't know if I can keep adding more animals to the mix, at most it will have to be one at a time (we have two dogs right now). Who knows, I may change the way I feel about all of this but for now, I'm worn out in more than one way. The riding does help though.

Sunny, trail bliss!

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