Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caribou Ranch Tromp

Me, Emma, Craig and Randy.

We finally got some fresh snow and quite a bit of it too. Enough to be able to get out on the snow shoes again and tromp about in the snowy paradise. We headed over to Caribou Ranch Open Space close to Ned, this is a great place to x-country ski or snow shoe. This 4 mile trail is closed to bikes and dogs so I never see this trail except in the winter. It's lovely and the old ranch is very cool, what a great place to have lived.

Me and my Honey..

It's been a strange and long feeling winter for me. I'm ready for spring, ready to ride my bike on dirt trails and not snow packed dirt roads and paved bike paths. I'm ready to put away the running shoes for awhile, even though it's been fun at times, served it's purpose and I've gotten better at it this year I'm not a runner and it doesn't feed my soul the same way riding does. I'm thinking next winter I may start climbing indoors again, maybe, I kinda miss climbing and wouldn't mind integrating it back into my life a little bit. I'm one of those people who can't have too many activities, I need to focus on just one or two. I also like to be outside as much as possible, thus why I'm not a gym rat, that and I can't afford it!
Ringo the Dingo.

We're heading South and West soon, to Arizona for the Scottsdale Arts Festival and a little down time to ourselves with our bikes. I'm looking forward to it in the same BIG way that I look forward to it every year we've gone down there and that would be the last three years in a row. Who knows how much longer that will last. I just hope Phil's World in Cortez is open and not buried under snow, fingers crossed. Tromp On!

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