Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in the Day...

I was out riding yesterday and thought about these pictures, I knew we had them stashed somewhere, so when I got home I searched and found them. Probably the first pictures ever taken of us while mountain biking. Sweet!

Craig on his fully rigid , can't remember the make of this bike, no helmet, too cool for school. These two pictures were taken at Walker Ranch, CO close to 20 years ago, we were young and having fun, the having fun part at least hasn't changed. Look at the pipes on this guy, we were FT climbers then, mountain biking was a fun diversion at the time.

Here I am on my Diamond Back, first mountain bike that I owned, this was right after the invention of the wheel, Ha! At least I'm wearing a helmet, no chamois, no clipless, lots of long hair. Apparently I made funny faces then as well, so that hasn't changed. It was all so new then.

Ravens at Mulley Point, UT. Craig took this picture, one of my favorite of all time and one of my favorite places in this world. It's a scan so the image quality is low, but you get the idea.

And finally a lovely quote in regard to spring that I can completely relate too..enjoy!

"Do not be surprised that the return of the light lifts your spirits. Do not be surprised that warmth on your back calms you and makes you glad. Feel your spirits lift as the sun rises higher in the sky: this is part of you, this snaky gladness, part of who you have been for a million years. Find the warm places; do not expect them to come to you. When you find them, stay there and be still. Be still and watchful. In this quiet, taste the air. Lick up the taste of it. Listen. Listen with the full length of your body against the ground."
{From Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature by Kathleen Dean Moore}

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