Sunday, June 20, 2010

I like to party on the trail....

Big Light (almost solstice), Big ride, Big Mountains.

After much climbing, time to go down, this turns into a skinny, technical rock chunkathon.

Craig, Jimijames, Randy and myself headed out to climb and descend for a total of 6 hours yesterday. It was our solstice ride, one day early. A fact, I am getting lazy with the picture taking, so there aren't many and that's okay.

Up, up and up..taking a breather next to a little stream of trail water. Dense, lush forests full of skitters and fresh bear poo..

Getting closer to the top, up and over the bench, onward to the aspen grove and beyond. Breaking through to a meadow, surprising the crap out of resting hikers , where did we come from, below, we find our way from seemingly nothing, barely visiable.
The day was long, you had to work hard for the climbs to be rewarded with silly fun downhills. My legs never completely showed up and I felt non-stop hungry all day, though by the 5.5 hour mark I began to feel some strange reserve of energy show up. I'm riding a big, ol 2.35 dh tire on my rear wheel, it's a freaking anchor on the climbs but she's all I got right now, so it'll have to work and of course it'll make me stronger right, either that or it will cripple me...
We headed home after stopping for some avocados and some chips, this was my recovery food of choice.

This was my other recovery food of choice. Homemade DF banana soft serve with blueberries and strawberries. Oh, this tasted divine, I love summer and all the berries and the nana soft serve, who needs dairy? It's a little blurry but so was I at this point.

Long evening light, sculpture of mine, good day in the woods, time to rest.

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