Sunday, November 7, 2010



Saturday we headed to Salida..intentions set..

Craig settled into the river, the fish, his pause, his time..

I headed for the trails above pause, my time to uncoil.

Came down through rocks, ridges and mindful moves into flowy, fast durt

Moving back and forth through the liquid gold sunshine.

An odd moment with a stranger that turned magikal in the end

Offering made, excepted and left to settle in the durt..

Pause, renew then forward.
I love this town, this area, could BE here, maybe some day.


Kat said...

Carey, thanks for sharing. Your MTB adventure posts always leave me wanting. Those trails look like my name is on them. We just did our last show of the year. WHEW!!!! Back to focused bike time. Winter in Ojai ain't bad. Hope our paths cross next year. K.Woman

Carey said...

How was Sausalito for you? Glad to hear you have some down time on the way to enjoy.
I plan to apply to CB again..but anytime you're in Colorado let me know and I'll try and meet you for some riding!