Monday, August 1, 2011

Firmly Broken

Josy's Prayer Flags

My heart is firmly broken, though the thing with hearts is that they eventually mend and grow stronger.
For the last six years I have lost someone important to me every two years and now my heart is tired. Three of those creatures were 4 legged soul mates and one was my Mother who was also a soul mate, others just passed out of my life with out regard. I shared a deep connection with all of them, a connection that exists because it must, with mutual admiration and respect for that beings very essence. You love them without terms because it's your natural imperative to love them, it can be no other way and just thinking of them makes your heart smile wiiiiide open. I've had other creatures (human and not) come and go from my life, creatures that I loved/cared about BUT some creatures bury deep within your heart and a bit of them becomes a part of you forever. This is how it is.

Made from the scraps of lace my Mom had sent too me, now they carry my prayers to her.


Buzz said...

Your words are sweet Carey.

The 'ones' that are buried deep in your heart swim in you..they will fill the sea that is you and someday you will all meet there...together at last and again.

Keep on Carey..keep on..

Carey said...

Thanks for the kindness!

JenyJo said...

i'm so sorry for your loss, carey. still sending you love.