Sunday, September 18, 2011


Every fall I write the same thing. I love this time of year, the weather, the chilly nights and mornings and warm days. The way the sun light turns to liquid gold and slips through the forest turning everything to glowing from the inside out. How the rot of leaves on the forest floor smells so good. The way you can wear shorts and a wool long sleeve while riding and wool socks up to your knees. How when you sit in the sun you're toasty but in the shade your chilled. How the rainy days slip in here and there and make you want to eat nothing but soup and snuggle under a duvet and the next morning the peaks are dusted white. Things are changing fast and I'm holding on to this season as much as I can. I want to roll around in every last bit of it before winter sets in. My flowers and garden are getting lazy, the bees are stumbling around running into things. The humming birds will be gone soon off to some hummer resort in Arizona for the winter, traitors, I'll miss them as I firmly believe they're magical beings, kinda like the bird equivalent to dolphins. My appetite is changing and I don't want the colder, crisper foods of summer, I'm starting to crave anything made with pumpkin and my crock pot is starting to see more use. Dear Autumn, I love you, please feel free to stay around for a while why don't cha.

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