Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Davenport

Our new Dav-ey.

Well, new to us that is. My Grandparents used to call their sofa a Dav-ey after Davenport which I think was a brand of sofa back in the day. Kinda like how people called their refrigerators a fridge after the brand Frigidaire. Anyway, Craig and I purchased this sectional and ottoman off of my co-worker Courtney. It's only a few years old and we got a killer deal on it. It's really changed the dynamic of our living room but we were needing a change from our very old, very beat up sofa from the 1940's that a bought over ten years ago. It's a lovely old sofa with great lines but horribly dirty and would be usable if it could be reupholtered. I got the two light colored pillows and the tray on the ottoman at Target. It's very comfortable and much bigger than what we had, yet it makes our smallish living room feel a lot more open. Yeah for new davenports!


Itty Bitty Betty said...

It looks very inviting!

Carey said...

It is..I fine myself hanging out in the living room more often now..