Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Biking and some other stuff..

My BLT resting in the snow.

We started our new year with a lovely, hard packed snow ride at Picture Rock with Jimijames. It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day, perfect for riding. We made it to the silo after which the snow became unpacked and soft so we basked for a while and then turned around and swerved about back down the trail.

Craig enjoying the narrow snow track.

Jimijames kickin' it 29 SS style.

We had a lot of fun and it was challanging. Afterwards we found our way over to the Stone Cup for some warm drinks, I love their Chai Latte, they use a local brand called Bhakti Chai, it's soo good.

It's been a good holiday season with lots outside time, good food and drink, friends and nourishing down time full of quiet. I've been running a lot more this winter since it's been snowy and cold and the trails are closed for the most part to riding. There are some great runs up where I live where you don't see anyone except maybe a deer or two. I really enjoy running when it's snowing, I can't quite explain it but there something special about it. Thank goodness for my trackers, they make my running shoes grip onto everything.

The other thing I'm quite pschyed about and it's a totally shallow, gurl thing is that I saved some Christmas money and bought myself The Boots.
I had mentioned these boots awhile back as a wish list, in your dreams kinda thing. I don't get opportunities to buy myself things like this well, ever really. When I have extra cash I usually pay bills or buy whatever bike related item I need. This time I went with impractical over practical, so this was a fantastic experience for me. Can't wait to get them, I think they kick ass, so unique!

I was also gifted some wonderful enameled iron cooking pots, such as Le Creuset, and stoneware baking dishes for Christmas and all I can say is where have you been my whole life? I make a lot of soups, stews, risotto type dishes especially in the winter and these pots cook these type of dishes so slowly and beautifully. The stoneware baking dishes also are a revelation in baking quality over my very old metal pans that I inherited from my Grandmother while I was in college. I cherish these pans but they don't even come close to baking evenly like the stoneware, everything literally looks and tastes better, it's a revelation. I've really enjoyed cooking this fall/winter with the desire to save money and make everything from scratch so to speak. What I have been given is a special connection to the food and the process that is much stronger than what I have experienced in the past and having the right tools does make a difference I have to say. Next is stoneware baking sheets, Ha!


ewlake said...

Hi Carey - I lost the url for your blog until recently. I have enjoyed catching up on your happenings, thoughts, etc. We share very similar feelings about being on the trails. And, apparently, taste in boots. Are those Swedish Hasbeens? I've been coveting them for a year myself. You'll have to post a pic donning them. : ) EricaWLake

Carey said...

Hey Erica! Good to hear from you.
The boots are made in the states. I ordered them from a small store in NYC of all places..and I will post a pic once I get them.