Monday, October 24, 2011


Spent some time on tour recently around Colorado, small towns, riding, exploring, resting outside under the autumn sky. Here are some alley shots and some smaller parts of greater wholes.

This tour started out great and ended on the rough side. I hurt myself good testing out gravity a bit and yes it's still a fickle bed mate. More on that later perhaps. Still wondering and evaluating and licking my wounds. You know how cats are when they hurt, you find them under a bed or in the closet somewhere waiting for better days.


Buzz said...

Well heck!

Far as I can tell you got the *vision* Carey! This post is NOT the fantastic panoramas...crazy techie extreme athelete stuff...over thought cam jock stuff...or..the dreaded DOG blog stuff!!

But... mused and inspired visions of color and pattern...some of those could to be.... *transformed*...yah think??


Hope those stitches aren't asking to be scratched!!



Carey said...

Thanks Buzz..not feeling the bike cam stuff these days..just rolling.
But alley's and the like are a different kind of inspiration, thanks for noticing.
The itch in stitch is startin' to happen.