Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simply Being

Timekeeper by Betsy Walton

4 Weeks, just a little over, since the accident. But who's keeping track, right.
Life moves on as it does. I'm healing quickly in some ways and slower in others. I can ride my bike, which is now involuntarily a single speed for the time being due to the accident. I can't run, I tried the other day and had to stop mid way through. Too much pain, discomfort in my abductors/groin and abs. But being able to ride my bike well enough to get out, especially since my accident was on the bike, is a ironic twist of joy. I need work, my bike needs work, I'm working on both of those. I stretch every single morning for 15 minutes now, it is firmly a habit at this point and a good one that took me too long to do.
The shift away from situation normal has been good though, the pin point clarity of what is and is not really that important has been recognized, you always have this abstract idea of that anyway (one would hope) but it is driven deep into your being when something happens, something changes your reality. I feel it's healthy to push yourself but it's also healthy to know when to not push yourself, to step back, set a limit and to come prepared to a gun fight so to speak. Now I am going forward, life goes forward and I am very good with that.
On a side, I've discovered a new favorite dish lately to make in place of a grain such a rice. It's naturally GF, DF and full of fiber, Cauliflower Rice.
In a nutshell you roughly chop up some cauliflower and place in food processor to dice up into small rice like texture, just pulse for a minute. Place in a pan with ghee or butter and saute with mushrooms, leeks, greens and some sea salt, you could add a protein too. Oh so good and savory and simple.
Simply Being.

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Buzz said...

Carey wrote:

"I feel it's healthy to push yourself but it's also healthy to know when to not push yourself..."

Wait 'til your 60! I know I know! I used to *advise* my dad that it was all in his head. Oh boy did I get schooled!

Pick you weapon...choose your fight I say.

Cauliflower rice..uuuummmmm..sounds good!

Nice post Carey