Monday, February 23, 2009

February Riding

It's been a warm winter and that means a lot of riding outside and the trainer is getting no use and many cobwebs, yeah! But regardless of how grateful I am for Nobo trails, Hall Ranch and Picture Rock, it's getting a little stale and I'm looking for different rides and adventures. Kinda cabin fever for trail riding. So on Saturday I decided to head out solo on the north facing trails behind my house. These trails are never open in February, I usually have to wait till May to ride them. But not this year...

Part of the trail system on the back of our mountain. It's 60% clear right now.

Some lovely winter socks for riding.

And there is still some winter snowy conditions where the sun doesn't quite reach yet.

Sunday was a even warmer day, though with some clouds hiding the sun. We headed out with Kim and Dan and met Scott up at Walker Ranch. I had a feeling this ride would be good to go and it was delightful. We hadn't ridden with Kim and Dan in while so it was nice to catch up with those two and I got to see Kim's Salsa 29er that climbs wicked fast. It was nice to get Scott out too.

However we were plaugued with mechanicals starting with Craig's pinch flat 5 minutes into the ride. 10 minutes later we stopped again for awhile to help out some other folks with a flat and no tube, patch kit or tools, oops. We climbed up the portage and zipped away on dry trails.

Dan attempting a difficult tech section, that tree is really in the way..

Agh, so close!

Kim's turn..

Kim got very close as well and had some onlookers for added pressure. We all attempted this nasty little climb, it was tough but I think it's only a matter of time before it's ticked off.

Kim and Dan apri ride, good ride!

Scott and Craig apri ride as well enjoying some Sessions and getting the rigs ready to roll back home. I didn't take a ton of pics, focused on riding, it was a splendid day, good folks, good riding, some good DH. There wasn't much snow at all, only exception was on the switchback section down but totally ridable, fun and with a little sketch factor thrown in for good measure. Now I'm wondering how many of my other little local stashes are ready to ride. It's nice when everything seems to come together effortlessly.

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