Friday, February 27, 2009

Hate On!

I think it's time for a full Hate On! Get it out of my system, relieve the pressure so it'll pass but also embrace the Hate On, everyone hates at one time or another, it's natural, right? My Hate On's come periodically, I think it's left over from my punk rock days as a teenager, the angst that I've always carried with me in life, even if it's a quiet murmur at times. The angst that made me a lousy hippie, that always kept me out of a dress and in the dirt, the angst that makes me try hard shit on my mountain bike, that makes me get up when I'm down and try again. So it's not a bad thing, I just have to be aware of what it is and not take it too seriously and remember to laugh! Back to the Hate On though, my fuse has been short lately with things that aren't necessarily in my control. I don't have a Hate On for my friends, family,'s mostly for people I don't know, people that don't realize that they're pissing me off, people that make me wish I knew Gung Fu. So here is a incomplete list of things I have a Hate On for currently.

  1. School Buses that drive below the speed limit on a two lane road with no passing area and stop every 1/4 mile to let a rug rat off who ultimately forgets something and has to come back on the bus meanwhile creating a huge delay for the rat tail of cars behind the bus.

  2. School Zones when the lights are flashing. Notice how they're never any kids around when these lights are flashing you to drive 20 MPH. They also flash at strange times of day when kids should be in school. It's like a kid is gonna jump out like a scared dear, yeah right.

  3. Speed Trap Vans! We know what you are, we know what you're doing and you always park in the same place. These guys deserve a one finger salute every time you drive by, I still think that's legal.

  4. The guy who sits in the Speed Trap Vans. I see him or maybe her in there, but they're hiding all gutless behind those tinted windows. At least Meter Maids or Meter Men are out there in full daylight, that takes guts.

  5. People who drive below the speed limit for no apparent reason!

  6. People with a lot of money who tell you how you should be living your life. That means you Oprah!

  7. The fact that I don't have enough money to live my life the way I think I should. Not all the time, I choose simplicity over extravagance and a lot of toys but it would be nice to buy a new crank set for my one bike.

  8. People. Yes, once and awhile I get a Hate On for people in general. I love my friends and family, I know in my mind and sometimes in my heart that we're all connected, a part of the same family, suffering, loving, living. We all want the same good things in life, I get it. But damn, they're sure are a lot of us out there and some of us are really annoying. This is the part of me that would be happy living on some land in the mountains or desert far away from cities.

  9. People, women specifically, who urinate all over public toilet seats and don't think they need to clean up after themselves. Really, you think someone else should do that for you? I don't think so.

  10. Lastly, cause I'll stop my intolerant rant as it's starting to annoy even me and I don't want to have to put myself on my own list, is people who think it's their place to tell other people what to do, how to do it, when to do it. A righteous attitude in my opinion. I don't mind kind advice but people who go out of their way to let you know that you should be doing things their way piss me off. To each his own, unless you're hurting someone else mind your own damn business.
That's all, it felt really good to get that out. Now I can move on, practice some tolerance and patience, patience has never been my strong suit. I will make a list of things I love at some point, because duality exists in everything and you can't have the Hate On without the Love On.


carrie said...

Oh my gosh, we have more in common that I previously thought! I'm in such a hate mode right now.. need to get out of funk... I hate I paid my landlord $16k last year in rent. Fu** that is a lot of money. But then I can't afford to buy a place in Golden fu** double-edged sword, i tell you!!

Carey said...

I hear ya Carrie!
It's OK to feel the hate, don't suppress or it turns into something worse like rage. Just ranting on my blog made me feel much better.
We own our home in the mountains outside Boulder but it's not easy $$ wise, it takes everything we got to keep it going, don't get me started!(:

G-Lenn said...

Dude! I know how it is. It's funny, I never really drive anymore, but when I do I'm mad. Cars are ego booster bubbles.

Anonymous said...

love the self important boulder 'tude. keep up the great blogging :)

cragratt said... the gutless passive aggressive 'TUDE! Must be a Fox News watcher...

Kim said...

We are all allowed to vent and HATE once in a while!

Venting is a good form of anger management IMHO. Once you get it all out the world is a better place!

I HATE people who walk/run on the wrong side of the bike paths!

Carey said...

Good one Kim! And I agree with yu, healthy to get it out there so it can fade, also healthy to be able to laugh at yourself..which I do a lot.