Monday, February 9, 2009

Out There

Storm organizing itself over the desert near Cedar Mesa, UT.

Winter has been dry and warm here in Boulder this year, it's wearing on me, the same dish served up everyday. I'm actually missing dark storm filled skies and the threat of snow, I'd say rain too because I love rain in dry places but we don't get rain in the winter here. This time of year my desire to be in the desert, the canyons, becomes palpable and I do a lot of day dreaming of getting somewhat lost wondering around out in the middle of nowhere. Enjoying the solitude and isolation that comes with the desert. My inner dirt-bag moaning for attention.

Salt Flats, Death Valley.

My thoughts turn to a simple life of traveling around, adventures and exploration with just the essentials to life. Unburdening oneself from all the things that weigh and pull at you, stress and wear at you. I could live for awhile in my truck with my man, my bike and some gear, the dogs too, just following our hearts content, going where we want, when we want. Living by the sun and moon. That way of being has always been a part of my soul just because you get older doesn't mean that part of you should or does go away.

Road Canyon, Cedar Mesa, UT

Right now a variety of things are extremely challenging for myself and Craig. When I carry too many burdens my thoughts always stream to a simpler way of existence, to a way of living that has balance and purpose, that doesn't turn you inside and out, an existence that matters in a way not associated with things but experience. I am there in my heart.

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