Wednesday, April 15, 2009

High Clouds

Artork by Betsy Walton

It seems to me that the sun hasn't been out in full force in general lately. High, thin clouds seem to filter the sunlight into more of a washed out grayish warmth, the sun's energy never reaching it's full potential. It's like that these days.
I've been riding what dry trails I can find and delving into other training practices like way to many ball crunches, the kind that you do with your abdomen on a rubber ball. And many more squats and lunges as well, I miss working my upper body but my shoulder is not healed well enough for any lifting, it will have to wait.
I broke down and bought a new pair of baggies, Fox Venus shorts, ok it wasn't that hard for me to buy a new pair of shorts I am female after all, just hard to pay so much for them. They're remarkably long enough, come down over my pads and designed to be durable, not like your typical women's short. I would have gone with Sombrio again but Fox promised a removable liner which I needed. I'm pretty happy with these shorts so far, I think they look rad and they will ride well and be great for summer. They have all the same features a guy's short would have but for a women's body, maybe the bike industry is starting to take us seriously.
I'm also doing a wonderful trade with a massage therapist, Temple. She is getting one of my sculptures and I'm getting a few massages and it's just perfect timing. I love body work.
This Friday we leave on a trip/flight to Virginia to visit my sister and her family including her new born girl Amelia. It will be nice to fall into the warmth of family for a few days and help my sister a little too. And perhaps when I return these high clouds will have moved on.


Kim said...

Have fun! Hope we don't get all the snow they're predicting and you can make it out.

Carey said...

Thanks Kim, me too, it's gonna be close I think.
I look forward to doing some riding with ya when I get back.