Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little A's

Aunt CiCi (that's me) and my favorite Big Little A.

As I write this it's snowing again lightly, our weekend weather has turned gloomy again after a warm and lovely week, it seems to be our schedule these days. While I'm getting a lot done around the house and in the studio my mind wanders to being outside in the sun. I'm ready to do some gardening, clean out the rubbish left over from winter, see the bulbs coming up and blooming and plant some pansies. I know this weather is going to make everything explode here very soon. I've even heard hummingbirds buzzing about above me, knowing their back makes me smile, I've put up the feeders.
Last weekend Craig and I flew to Virginia to visit my sister Karen and her family. We met our new niece Amelia and had some nice times hanging out together. Amelia pretty much eats, sleeps and cries with some very sweet cooing inbetween, she is a baby after all. I think I saw a few smiles on her while I was there. We also went by my Mom's house and did some sorting, brought back a few items, it's still incredibly hard to pull up to her house and not see her running out to greet us, I still expect that knowing full well that she's not there anymore. Her front yard is blooming with all the lovely flowers and trees she planted over the years.

Little A, Yummy Baby Dough.

Aaron with his Aunt's Big running shoes on. I love hanging out with this little guy, he's so cool!

Lacing Up.

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