Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Feeling It

Photo credit, Kim Luks

I haven't been feeling my regular riding stoke lately, the spark I normally have when I'm on my bike seems to be a bit faded. It makes me sit back, kinda stunned and thinking what's wrong with me, this doesn't happen with my bike riding, my one release, something I love to do. My friends, I don't mean to be a whiney b*tch on my blog, but it is my blog and it reflects where I'm at in the world at any given time, super stoked or not so much.

So I made a mental list of possibilities that might be affecting my mojo in regard to riding and this is what I came up with.
  • Weather. It's been pretty crazy weather since we got back from Arizona, with rain, lots of snow at the house and wet trails. I haven't been able to ride much other than the easy trails out in Nobo which help with fitness a bit but not much else, borinnggg.
  • Injuries. I injured my rotator cuff about 6 weeks ago and it's a delicate recovery that is taking a long while, perhaps the rest of the summer I'm thinking. I also took a good fall in Arizona that wrecked my confidence a bit, something I have to get over, but something I think about in relation to my fork confusion. I need to learn my limitations at any given time, but also push myself, balance.
  • Winter Riding. It's been a full winter riding season, not really taking any time off the bike this year may have a role to play here. As well as my current routine of squats and lunges and some running, leading to leg fatigue while pedaling, legs that feel like lead weights sometimes.
  • Stress/Money. I've been feeling more stress than I would like to lately. My personal relationships seem to be out of sorts lately leaving me filled with confusion, enui and nervousness. Money, there's not enough of it these days, this is a stress as well, I want to simplify my life but no matter how many corners I cut there are more corners coming at me. Craig too is under a lot of stress currently with his new work situation and of course it filters into my mind and body as well.
  • My Talas Fork. I'm at odds with the damn thing, yet another confusing relationship that I can't seem to find a balance with and everytime I ride my bike I'm thinking and critiqing how it works. I'm pretty close to just putting my Vanilla back on.
  • BBQ. I want to organize a ride/session/BBQ event at the house in May. Invite a bunch of people up, go for a good ride from the house, play around on the stunts out back, eat, drink and just simply enjoy being outside and with friends. This will get my stoke going!


Itty Bitty Betty said...

I can see how not taking a break from riding could lead to a lack of mojo. That's one of the reasons we love skiing. Maybe a little break would be good?

But you should definitely get back on the bike in time to hit up the Lyon's fat tire Festival the last weekend of May! It'll be a great social biking/eating/drinking/camaraderie kind of thing - good for infusing your mojo. The big ride is, I believe, on Saturday. Check here for details:

Carey said...

Thanks Jen for your thoughts.
I'm gonna roll with it, let it work itself out.
I'm gonna do some volunteer work on the new bike park in Lyons as well..

G-Lenn said...

Hey Carey

I'll let you guys know when the official volunteer day is.