Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monkeying Around

Stormy weather over the mountains on Sunday. We got lucky and never got any weather, it swirled around us. Little did we know there were tornadoes east toward Denver.

Great weekend here! The sun shown on Saturday all day, warm and summer like finally. I've been demoing a Specialized Enduro for the last few days and I wanted to see how it handled the step downs on the property. It handled everything smoothly however I don't see this bike in my future for various reasons that I won't get into here, at least for today. I've been very fortunate to be able to demo a couple of 6" all mountain bikes lately and I'm beginning to understand the differences between the bikes in this category. Thanks to all who have helped me with the demos. Saturday evening we headed to Kim and Dan's for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, fun night with friends!

Demoing the!

Helllooo, nice to see youuuu! Coolest rock ever on the trail Sunday!

Sunday we met Jimijames and went for a fantastic, long, hard, fun, challenging ride that I hadn't ridden before. It was a lot of climbing, a lot of technical climbing, some exploring, some awesome, technical downhill, and a middle of nowhere feeling ride, perfect.

Craig on the trail.

Jimijames on the trail.

Finally at the top, sorta. The sun was shining on us for the time being. Time to eat some food.

Mi Gusta la Virgin de Guadalupe! A little trail protection, yes?

The boys taking a breather! Where's the trail?

We did some exploring as well but kept finding dead ends, it was exciting to see what we could find around the next corner, hill or valley. That's the thing with exploring, you never know what you might find, you could get lucky or shut down. Either way it's something I really enjoy, being somewhere I've not been before in back of beyond places, it brings out a sense of self reliance and adventure, good stuff!


Kat said...

Hi C-
Where did you find those Virgin de Guadalupe socks? I have a friend that has to have some.

Carey said...

Hey Kat!
I got those socks at a little shop in Salida called Yolo. Here's a link to their address.
It's a very cool little shop, beware!