Monday, June 22, 2009


A lovely first day of Summer in Colorado

Growing up we didn't take a lot of trips in the summer as my Mom was a single Mother and worked most of the time, but we did have trips to the eastern shore, time spent with the grandparents in Maryland and Western Pennsylvania and up at my cousins in New York State. My sister and I spent a lot of time entertaining ourselves, for me that meant playing in the trees behind the house or in our little yard, cruising around the neighborhood on my bike or by foot and seeing what kind of trouble I could get into before Mom got home. Life was simple and it moved very slowly in those days. Today life moves by too quickly, even more so once summer arrives, however I still spend much of my time outside if not more so, I have a very good life. It's almost July 1st and summer which just began yesterday seems to be flying by. We haven't really had warm, summer like weather here in Colorado, we've been lingering in Spring for what seems like months now with rain and cool temps. It's been nice though, everything is very green, lush and the flowers are amazing this year. There's been a lot of riding with long sleeve shirts, Gore-tex jackets and no sun screen but yesterday we got out for a long solstice ride and I wore a sleeveless jersey and I used sunscreen, that made my day! We rode some lovely trails that intertwine and connect in the mountains above Boulder with Kim and Craig's brother Randy. There was much climbing, descending and smiling.
Besides riding, I'm preparing for shows in July and August, balancing working in the studio with all my other activities. I've been crafty lately and modifying my clothes and that's been kinda fun. Taking pants that I don't wear and turning them into shorts that I will wear, taking clothes that I don't wear due to the color and dying them into colors that I will wear. All of a sudden I have new, fun things to wear and that has made me feel productive, no shopping involved and very little expense. I'm trying to be thrifty in some areas so I can save and spend in other areas. I haven't planted the amount of flowers like I have in years past, just can't afford it. I did plant a lot seeds though, Cosmos, Sunflower, Marigolds, Poppies, etc. No instant gratification, I'll have to wait for the seeds to grow and flower in August, patience is a good thing to practice. I'm enjoying the longer days, the easiness of warmer weather, the simplicity that comes with the summer months, getting out after work and riding up high, tending to my flowers, keeping track of the birds that have nests with babies around the house. We've got some more camping and riding plans coming up for the weekend of the 4th with friends, which for me is the pleasure of the warmer months.

Bikes resting along the trail.


Kat said...

HI Carey,
count down to coming your way soon.
Love your posts...So far, I definitely want to ride CB 401, Salida Monarch Crest, (I think that's what it's called), and a trip to Cottonwood Hot Springs. WE've been MTBing in our, steepies, and rattlesnakes! I can't wait to experience the wild flowers. I was just in NM on a family emergency, but aside from that I got to hike everyday in the morning. Beautiful cactus blooms this time of year amongst the pinons. No bike, but had bike envy watching the locals come & go through my area. Thanks for all of your tips....Kat

Carey said...

You're going to have a great time! Things have finally started to warm up here but we're still having our normal afternoon thunderstorms. The 401 in CB is a must and so is Monarch Crest, you'll have perma grin from both of those. I heard CB is awesome right now too and there should be a ton of wildflowers while you're there. Hopefully the black flies aren't too bad this year.We'll be away camping and riding over the 4th so I won't make it to Cherry Creek so have a successful and fun show and let me know how your adventures go! Yeehaw!