Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Full Circle..

Matching C & C Raspberries
(photo credit: Jen Kwasniewski)

Labor Day found us this year in Winter Park at the Trestle Bike Park with Kim, Dan, Jen, Jesper, Josh and his friend Jason. Craig and I had met Kim and Dan for the first time just over a year ago, our first of many rides together was at Keystone Bike Park. In two weeks time Kim and Dan are moving back to Michigan, sad for us but good for them as that's where their hearts seem to be. So Kim and Dan kindly and generously invited us out to play at Winter Park and I'm so glad they did because it was FUN! It may be our last ride with them for a while, our time together seems to have come full circle.
The group of us rode together really well, everyone in good spirits. I played it a bit conservative with the memory of my concussion from last year at Keystone, be smart, listen to your body, look at things first and I still managed to dive off a wall ride and skid to a landing on my left hip, nice hematoma as seen in the picture. Craig also managed to get some new scars as well, quite the pair we are. Winter Park is more free ride/slopestyle in its breeding, however the Trestle Run DH course is awesome. Rooty, rocky, technical chaos, just the kinda stuff I love to ride, very demanding but so much fun. Sometimes I wonder how my riding would be if I was on a free ride bike, faster I think for sure. The only down side to riding at a Park is it makes me want to ride at Parks more often and a lift ticket ain't free and that would also mean a Park bike, something I'd love to get for myself but something I can't afford right now at all. So I'll keep rocking it on my BLT until I can save up enough to make that dream come true and I'll keep riding the Pleasure Park on our property, we finished two new drops this weekend, the overall vision is getting closer to fruition. Abundant gratitude to Kim and Dan for giving us the experience and the pleasure of hanging out with everyone on a beautiful Labor Day in the mountains on our bikes.


askJayson said...

oouch, looks like you had some serious fun!!!

Kat said...

nice double raspberries! And a good time was had by all. They always say that scars are like tattoos with better stories ,or something like that.

Carey said...

It was serious fun J!
How are things Kat? It's seriously becoming fall here...