Sunday, September 20, 2009

September's Fally..

It's Fall again, my favorite season, so uplifting even with the transition into winter. In some places the leaves have already come off the trees and carpet the forest floor in gold. Here are some pictures of our weekend ride up high.

Jim and I taking a little break..

Craig and Baird.

Emma's rear brake began to fail part way into the ride, bummer.

Our next cold front coming in. This would lead to snow at the house this morning.


Kat said...

Ahhh...autumn! Thanks for sharing the fall scenery. it's 103 today in Ojai, CA. Wildfires within 30 miles.Hot & dry. We need rain!

Carey said...

Hey Kat! Wow, sorry to hear how dry and hot it is where you are. I hope it breaks soon..meanwhile it's snowing again here at the house this evening..summer should return for the weekend.