Wednesday, December 16, 2009

May you have a Kick Ass Christmas and New Year!

Bike of Light, Winter Twilight looking North

Happy Holidays to everyone! Once again the winter holidays and solstice are upon us, hurray for the return of the Sun! Though I find the cold and snow appealing at this time of year, as it should be. There has been much snow biking, hiking and running, variety is good and winter gives that too me, all good things to feed the body and soul. I'm looking forward to eating some good food over the holidays, meaning GF cakes and cookies and roast beasts of some kind, oh yeah the Kielbasa and Pirogi will be a delight. Really, spending time out side of walls and being with friends and my little family is gift and blessing enough to me. A new decade is before us and I have intentions to kick ass in 2010 and I hope you do too. May all beings know love, kindness, inexplicable joy and peace in this moment and in this Holiday Season.


Butterpoweredbike said...

Pierogi? Do you have a gf recipe? I'm gf, and my partner is polish. I'm having little dumpling fantasies now.

Nice blog!

Carey said...

Sorry no GF recipe for pierogi..I wish..not that it's not possible, just not willing to spend that much time experimenting in the kitchen. Must get outside. Happy New Year!