Sunday, December 27, 2009

Outside is the best side

Craig heading up stream.

Craig and I went on three snowshoe hikes over the Christmas holiday, joined by his brother Randy as well on occasion. It was nice to be able to get out with Craig as he has been working a lot lately and being outside with Craig is just fun. We had some lovely snow as well recently and that made for beautiful conditions in the forests. We know of a few streams that freeze up pretty solid early in the winter and we like to meander our way up the streams, navigating obstacles and jumping quickly when the ice buckles or cracks under your snow shoes. The water below is only a few inches deep so there's no real concern but the snow shoes get heavy with ice if they get wet. What's really neat is the sound of the water echoing beneath the ice you're standing on, sometimes bubbling softly, sometimes thumping and drumming against the surface, sounding hollow, eerie. It's a lot of fun. Yea for winter and it's unique perspective..however I see some snow biking in my near future, I miss riding already and it's been less than a week.

Craig and I almost home..

It's been a lovely holiday for us, relaxing and full of activity of our own design. However it goes by so quickly, I wish I could slow it down somehow. It all just comes and goes and leaves you standing there wondering what just happened. And now we move on to a new year, with more adventure and memories to be had.

Craig, Me and Randy. What a lovely, cold day this was.

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