Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Thanks..

Snow at the house, May 11th 2010.

It's been a bit since I last posted. The weather has been crazy this spring, tell me something I didn't know, right? A lot of cool, wet days and it seems like it snows at least once a week at the house, accumulating snow at that. And that's just as the trails begin to dry out from the last wet spell. I was able to ride the backside trail from the house yesterday, finally it has opened up completely, or it had opened up. It was so nice to access this quiet trail and see that the north facing aspects had melted off, there were lots of small wild flowers blooming along the way. But for now it's snowing and it's supposed to snow through the night and tomorrow, possibly a foot or more, it's almost too much to handle for me this late in the Spring. Get me to the desert asap! Apparently this succession of nasty weather means we've been doing a lot of work around the house, getting rid of things, cleaning, organizing, it's all how you look at it I suppose and the forecast this weekend looks superb if not kinda muddy. My flip flops will have to wait and my shorts too and I'll have to refrain from buying a new pair of jeans because it feels like November. Time to eat some soup and wait for Spring to make up her mind.

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