Sunday, April 25, 2010


My friend Anne Staveley Dickinson is a photographer, mostly of people and she's really GOOD, she always seems to capture a part of a person's essence or energy and has a style that is recognizably hers. She was visiting Boulder recently and we got to hook up/catch up. She lives in Santa Fe, NM, and she took a few pictures of Craig and I. It's so unusual to see "real" images of us, most pictures of Craig and I are usually shot quickly, while out riding, with all our gear on, they only capture a small part of who and what we are. So I'm really glad Anne snapped off a few of us, showing a unique side of us, thanks so much Anne, you're amazing. If you'd like some portraits done for yourself or family, please contact Anne directly, I'm sure she'd love to work with you.


Kat said...

love the shots, and to show who lurks under those helmets. Sweet!

Itty Bitty Betty said...

These are great - I really like the second one!

Carey said...