Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching some Air

In the summer, you sometimes have to go big and by big I mean high, where you shoulder your bike and head up where even trees aren't silly enough to try and grow.

And this is what we did, to catch summer in the alpine before she turns heel and heads south.
High enough that catching air means trying to breath as you pedal ever further up. I feel a noticeable shift in my ability to acclimate above 12,000'. I become much slower and labored in my breathing and headaches are not uncommon for me. Craig doesn't seem to have any problems at all, he does quite well at higher altitudes and it doesn't slow him down that much.

Yankee Doodle Bowl.
Yes, winter stills lingers here and it doesn't help that Eddie is already thinking and talking about snowboarding.

But for now there are many lovely flowers basking in the sun. It's good to go high, the higher you go the simpler it gets. Breath as much as you can, watch out for storms and enjoy the remote solitude. Who else would be kookie enough to come up here with their bike, ME!

Winter lurking, trees baring their beat up legs to the sun.

We had excellent timing which never happens. We made it to Guinn Mtn. Hut as an afternoon storm opened up and rain and hail came down. Much better than hunkering down under a tree which is our normal routine. This hut gets a lot of use in the winter.

And it's really quite nice inside, cozy. Plenty of room to sleep many and a resident guitar to pass the time with. Eddie provided the tunes.

Craig watching the rain come down. Lovely red door, lovely fella, terrible blurry picture.

Can you see the rain and hail?

The bikes took a rest in the wood shed and stayed nice and dry.

Heading back out after the rain storm.

The McBlurries hanging out at the hut. Another delightful summer adventure.

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