Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a Man's World?

Which one's your favorite?

I too hate it when a man drags me up a mountain just to show off his new jumper!

Look at this guy's outfit!

No wonder I've got a headache.




Anonymous said...


If I have offended you in the past for my *seemingly* misogynisitc comments.. I apologize! The importance of syntax and grammar fade after a couple BEERS!

But I am not! I repeat.. I am not guilty by..... ASSOCIATION with the PIGs that made these adverts!!


My mother was THE epitomy of a 'housewife'. I knew at a mere 8- 10 years old that her spirit was smothered by what was considered at that time(late 1950's) to be the norm.

So I choose...#3..."...Slacks for 12.95 at plush carpeted stores.."


Great post!


Kat said...

#4 laundry always makes me feel that way, altho I try to up level it to a feeling some kind of gratitude for the clean & folded