Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Altitude Everybody!

Lovely Basecamp.

Headed up to Leadville on Saturday with some gurl friends for a hike of Mt. Massive on Sunday, 2nd highest peak in Colorado. I was excited to do something different, get off the bike and just walk and scramble about up high, a much needed change of pace.

Kristin hiking in morning clouds.

We headed out very early Sunday morning, still dark out, still half asleep with no Sherpa in sight with warm tea.

Soon we were above the clouds and in the warm sun.

Heading up to the saddle, Mt. Massive is off to the right, out of view. I began to slow down a bit at around 12,500' or so, began to feel dopey and slow in the head and uncoordinated in the body from lack of oxygen but after a small break I seemed to acclimate and felt strongish and fairly normal.

Fantastic weather.

Myself, Kristin, Suzanne and Emma at the summit of Mt. Massive.

The last scramble to the top was the most technical but still class 4, otherwise the climb was just steep with limited use of switchbacks.

Me at the summit!
I felt so blessed to be able to carry myself to this place.

Emma and myself.

Looking out from the summit, what a perspective, wide open, where are my wings?

A harsh and rugged beautiful world at 14,421'

The altitude killed my appetite but I still managed to eat a very yummy sandwich.

The only critter we saw that day below the summit, Mr or Mrs. Marmot.

Hike complete, 14 miles, 7.5 hours, lots of fun, lots of laughing and a few muscles I haven't used in a while feeling sore. I think I may do this more often.

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