Monday, October 18, 2010

The magikal quest for the veiled unicorn..

..alas the veiled unicorn has not been found, it remains ever elusive. We spent a good portion of our ride on Sunday searching for some secret stash that we've "heard" about (don't ask my friends, because I won't tell). Of course this stash is like sub stash because what we were riding was kinda still primitive and out there but regardless the adventurous spirit of our small group of explorers had unicorn fever and we were determined to unveil this new stash of magikal dirt. Okay my metaphors are getting all mixed up but you get the picture. We didn't find what we're looking for, so sad, but there's always tomorrow as the saying goes and really isn't the fun in the exploration, the quest. We had a perfect late fall day of riding, we climbed till our knees squeaked and descended steepness till our forearms burned and even without the unicorn it was a top notch day with miles of stupid jokes and silly grins without another soul beware unicorn, we have not given up hope that you exist, we'll be back.


JenyJo said...

oohhhhhh so lovveeelllyyyy!!!!

unicorns like to play hide and seek -- and to make the adventure last and last ...



ewlake said...

Hi Carey. Off-topic, but can't think of a better person to ask this question: I've lately (as in, during the month of October) fallen in love with biking. All my running this summer left me with little time to do anything else. I'm still so green at this - and with a chance of snow on Monday, sad that my window to ride is so small...or is it? How do you outfit your bike to ride the trails all winter long? How deep (snow-wise) is too deep to mess with? Thanks - love reading your posts. erica

Carey said...

Erica, good to hear from you! Send me your email address and I'll respond to your post. My email is
Just got back from Moab..(: