Monday, October 4, 2010

Up Up Down Down

I love autumn.
I kept thinking that thought as I pedaled. Craig and I linked up some trails that we ride all the time in a way we hadn't ridden any of them before. It was a big loop essentially and it was just Craig and I. It was one of those rides that unfolded organically and that felt good.

We rode Up and Up and Up only then to head WAY DOWN over big, rocky chunky infused dirt then the trail pointed skyward once again with the promise of more steep chutes that never seem to end. Sore hands from braking and legs protesting from so much standing, it was good.

And then we were almost down and we cruised and climbed a scooch more just so we could fly through tight aspens and weave narrow threads of dirt together once more before we were done. The smell of decaying leave strong and pleasant.

We had the woods to ourselves and it was so good. Then home to make a super pizza, oh boy did that taste AMAZING and that's the beauty of day lived well and hard.


JenyJo said...

i want to go to there. with you.



Kat said...

looks deliciously autumn!