Monday, August 25, 2008

Decked it...

Well I finally got to ride up in Keystone and meet Kim, Craig came a long as well. We had great weather and it was a beautiful day with some challanging technical riding. Kim is a very confident rider and it was fun to be riding with another women like that. My BLT and I kept up just fine. We had three super good runs in and decided to take a break at the cars, have some food and rest. Craig and I both were feeling tired and my arms and hands were flamed out from holding and braking so much, not used to that in my AM riding.

Anyway some weather was moving in and everyone decided on one last run, there as a little voice in the back of my head that was trying to catch my attention, something about being tired, maybe you should sit this run out, people get hurt when they're tired. I of course ignored this voice and Craig and I went up the lift.

Everything started out OK, I was holding back a little because I was tired but I was solid, no mistakes. Then it happened, though I don't remember much. A ladder bridge with a skinny up onto it. What I remember is seeing the skinny and thinking that's a narrow entrance up onto the 4' bridge. I was moving pretty fast too, I got up on the bridge and then the rest is a blur. I went over the side, don't know why really, did I hit the brakes to hard once on top and flip, did I just sail right up and off, did I hit the V sl0t in the middle of the bridge and launch? No clue..

Anyway I landed hard and the side of my head and the helmet also whacked my chin pretty good. No blood but a swollen chin with scraps and a nice, fuzzy concussion. I don't remember much after that, I didn't black out but I have memory loss. Things started to clear up quickly when I got to the lift and a EMT checked me over real quick. Said I probably didn't have to go to ER but to go home, take it easy etc...

So now I have the tiredness, the pain in my head when I stand up or sit down, some queasyness, lack of appitite and just plain brain fog at this point. I don't think I'll be riding my bike this week or the Crest this weekend..I don't know how long it will take to feel somewhat normal as it can vary from person to person.

I'm trying to except it, be OK with it, know that this can happen when you play the games that I play, roll the dice you just never know what you'll get. But the emotions that come with the concussion are just as uncomfortable sometimes as the pyhsical symptoms.

I have to let myself heal, get better and then get back on my bike and ride, listen to little voices in my head a bit more going forward.

I'm shaken a bit but I'll be back out there again..

For some pictures that Kim took of the day please follow this link..


Kim said...

I'm glad you're playing it safe and laying low until you feel better. The 3 runs we got in prior to your accident were awesome, I had a lot of fun!

Let me know if you are up to a ride Sun or Mon, Dan and I don't have any plans except Keystone again on Sat.

Durtgurl said...

Hey Kim,
Don't think I'll be riding this weekend at all unfortunately..I don't have much energy and I probably couldn't pedal in a straight line yet..that's no good.
But I'll be back and we'll get out..Have fun on Sat.