Monday, August 18, 2008

Mellow Weekend

This weekend it was all about slowing down and hanging out. It rained Friday and Saturday, Sunday was cool but the sun would come and go throughout the day. I did manage to go for a ride on the trails behind my house on Sunday, the trails were actually in good shape, tacky and only a few greasy sections. The steep climb/descent I call the Backside had been rearranged again by the flow of water down it. Just when you have a line carved into that thing it rains like crazy and washes it all away, nothings permanent.
Otherwise Craig and I slept in both days, cleaned around the house, ran errands, did chores, the nuts and bolts.
Went for a nice ride over lunch today, Monday, the sun is out and the temp. outside is lovely, felt very refreshing.
We have what we think to be a ferrel cat hanging out hunting outside the house. Noticed her (I think it's a her) on Saturday and we saw her again on Sunday. She's small and young. We try to approach her and she takes off fast. It's strange to have ferrel cats where we are, they just don't survive, too many predators. There are always handmade signs up for people who are missing a cat, it's almost a sad joke up in the hills. Anyway, I bought some dry cat food today and I'm going to put some out, hopefully she'll come by and maybe we can become friends and maybe we can offer her a warm and dry place to live as winter is coming on. We'll see what happens, I'm sure the dogs will think it's a great idea but they're used to cats, they'll adapt.

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