Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's up with my lungs?

Did a lovely Wednesday evening ride with Eddie, Craig and Paige last night. We rode Primo which is a super fun trail, though we got going at 6PM so we had to make haste. No time for warming up and straight into some climbing. Well my climbing was awful last night, argh, hate that when it happens because I'm a decent climber, not a racer fast type but capable and I do have some technical skill climbing as well. Last night I felt tired, legs heavy and my lungs gaspy and tight. Do I smoke, NO, do I have asthma, NO..well I don't know what's going on but it sucks and feels like I'm getting over a cold or I just did one to many rippers which I don't do so what gives? No answers to my stupied questions. It's just the way it is and it will pass I'm sure. I've felt kinda gaspy and winded since CB, maybe I just need a break.
Anyway the DH was awesome and fast and I felt great on that and I did eventually warm up but by then we were almost done. The sunset was beautiful and you can feel the seasons starting to turn ever so slightly in the air and the angle of the light, love it. Here is a link to my friend Eddie's Flicker site with some pictures from last evening.
Craig and I were planning on Keystone this Saturday but it appears that we're getting a cold and wet storm for the weekend and those plans will probably get changed, next Saturday I hope. I really want to get up there before they close for the season.
Well tonight is a session in the backyard with Emma, give my lungs a break I guess.

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