Friday, January 16, 2009

40 Years and going Strong.

My 4th Birthday Party at our (my Mom, sister and I) apartment on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, 1973. Looks like I got a new jewelry box and some cool cake figures on top my cake too..yum! I look so happy. (The girl to the right was a childhood friend, I think her name was Mary Mallery Boyd.)

Today is my 40th birthday. I'm officially at middle age, that's bizarre, but I don't feel old or half done, I feel no different than I ever have as I begin this new decade of my life. I've been blessed over these years with many adventures, good memories, love from my family and friends and good health. My hope is that the goodness in my life will continue to unfold, that I will continue to grow and explore my world and find my truth and connect with others. Life feels very precious to me, I know there's only a finite amount of time each of us has and perhaps the difference between me before and me at 40 is that I realize this truth.
Thank you to all my friends and family, my Mom and my sister Karen and especially Craig, who have been there for me in one way or another over the course of my life, I am who I am today because of you! Oh and Uncle Dan, thank you, thank you for the cookies you sent from New Ken, they are amazing and very special, they taste exactly as they did 30 years ago and bring back some very fond memories with each bite.

This picture was taken by my Dad in 1975, I am 6 years old it was taken outside of the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I love this picture of myself, my firm, set gaze, hand on hip chugging my Coke. That's my sister sitting in the background. I love the confidence and true sense of self that I'm projecting and I can only hope and try to continue to be this tough, strong girl ready to meet things head on.

Fast forward a few years to Me in Sedona..Never Give Up, Keep on Livin'


ewlake said...

Carey, welcome to your 40s! Karen mentioned your blog in her Christmas card - loved seeing the old photos of you - reminded me of being your Reston townhouse. Much to share/catch up on - my husband is a biker too (though ss variety) - myself, i equal your riding passion in trail running (the longer the better). If you pass through Salt Lake City/Wasatch area again, be sure to get in touch. Hope you had a great birthday - my son turns 14 today! Erica (Wimble) Lake

Carey said...

Hey Erica, good to hear from you!
Yes, I would love to catch up with you. Are you on Facebook at all?
So your husband is a single speeder, I have many friends who have SS bikes as well, makes you strong! I knew you ran, glad to hear it's still a passion for you. Do you still do art at all? I remember you being very talented. We do get through Park City, SLC area here and time I'll make sure to get in touch with you. Send me your email address if you'd like, my email is
The last time I saw your son he was a kiddo, time certainly passes too quickly.
Stay in touch!

cynthia said...

i love that pic of you with your hand on your hip. I have a similar one of me in my living room - it looks like I'm telling the world 'watch out - here i come!' I think the trick in life is to see how much of your true childlike self you can retain throughout the years.

Carey said...

Thanks Cynthia and yes I agree with you, I think it's important to retain that child-like wonder, playfulness and attitude that anything is possible!