Monday, January 19, 2009

Warm Winter Weather Means Lots of Riding..

It's been really warm here lately, too warm, freakishly warm. It's also been a long weekend with my birthday on Friday and today is MLK Jr. Day, so with those two things I've managed to do a lot more riding than normal lately and on trails that are usually questionable to ride this time of year. I haven't taken any pictures because, well, it's just Hall and PR, nothing new or different to see really.
Friday I rode Picture Rock in Lyons by myself, it was a good 15 mile ride. Then on Sunday I rode Hall Ranch with Emma, rode up the front side which feels easier each time I do it, though certain sections get harder as they erode and lose dirt, we did two loops up top and then down. Rocked the DH with some tunes on the new IPOD, I love ridin' DH with some music helping to create a flow. Needless to say, it was so much fun, just the two us.
Today, Monday I headed to Picture Rock again with Craig, Jimijames and Craig's brother Ron who is visiting us from Olympia, WA. We did the same ride I did on Friday, PR to Wild Turkey loop and back down. The trail was ultra tacky from the last bit of moisture we got and it was easy to rail the corners in places on the way down. I focused on my flow today as well.
This warm weather is supposed to continue for a few more days, so I think the riding will continue until I'm exhausted, worn out or the weather changes back to winter.
My bike feels good though I need a new set of cranks really bad and soon, yikes! It's always something!

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