Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Josephine, Mom..

My Memories of Love Will Be of You.This is a picture of my Mom, Josephine Helinski, senior year. She is so young and beautiful.

Mom, Karen and myself in my Grandfather's garage.

It's been exactly one year since my Mom left us so suddenly. She was a lovely, sensitive, kind, funny, compassionate and generous Mom and friend too me and I miss her terribly. I think of her each day and I miss her even more, that deepest ache is still there. Time does make things more managable and life is to be led fully, she would agree with that, though I am thankful for my dreams as she visits me on occasion and we once again are together, sharing dream time. You are in my thoughts each day Mom, you live on in my heart and in my mind, my strength is yours and I am so grateful to have you as my Mother. Na Strovna!


Kim said...

I don't know what I'd do without my mom...maybe feel less guilty for not living at home but probably feel much much more guilty for not being there when she was here.

Carey said...

It's important to show those you love how much you care while they're here. My Mom and I spoke daily, emailed daily and were very tight. I wasn't there physically, that was OK with her, she knew I loved Colorado and wanted me to be happy. Nothing was left unsaid so I don't have many regrets. I'm sure your Mom knows how much you love her too.

Kathy Stone said...

Carey, I knew your mom and I was so sorry to hear, somewhat late, that she died. She was my idol and my inspiration as a young girl. I wanted to be just like her--independent and strong. I had not spoken to her in years, but when I found out she died, I realized in a second what she had meant to me, and I cried, like I did when I saw that picture of her you posted. I am glad she comes to you in your dreams. My dad does that for me occasionally. All the best to you. Seems like she did a good job with you. All the best to you, Kathy Stone (your Aunt Theresa's childhood friend)

Carey said...

Thanks for writing Kathy, it's good to hear from people who knew my Mom, she had positive effect on so many lives. I guess that's all we can hope for, that we somehow touch someone elses life in a good way and they in turn effect others lives in a similar way. That way we all live on long after we're gone. I still miss her terribly especially this time of year.
Where are you living now, you knew my Mom through my Aunt while growing up in New Ken? Did she tell you about my blog?
Happy Holidays!

Kathy said...

Your aunt didn't tell me about your blog. I came across it by chance when I was looking up your mom's name. I was thinking about her that day for some reason, maybe because I was looking at Theresa's Christmas card and letting my mind wander. I thought maybe I would find something about her life. You are right about the way we live on in other people's memories. Happy holidays to you and your family.