Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Your Sogg On!

Guess what, we had a wet weekend, all three days, wet! What can you do if you still want to get out, you grab your Gore-Tex jacket and head out. I don't think I've used my Gore-Tex jacket this much ever before. It totally feels like you're in the NW lately, all soggy and wet with slippery roots and rocks, cold and tired by the end of the ride but still happy to have gotten out.
Sunday we rode up high with Craig's brother Randy and my friend Kim, we decided to ride the South Mag trails up to the Tennessee Mtn Hut but we didn't make it quite that far due to rain, hail, thunder, lighting, dropping tempertures and snow drifts every 20 feet or so. I took a few pics from that day but they turned out pretty blurry. Monday, Memorial Day, dawned with some sun but that quickly went away and turned to over cast with the promise of more sogg, oh well. So Craig and I headed over to Jamestown to ride up Ward St and hit some good trails up higher. As we climbed, and it is all climbing to begin with, we had two raging creek portages, sketchy, some more rain and hail and thunder, but it was lovely in its own wet way. The wettest ride by far this season and I was cold when we finally got back to the truck. I've also been demoing a Trek Remedy 9 over the weekend thanks to Kim and Dan and that has been fun, what a wonderfully balanced bike, it climbs and tracks really well for 6" travel bike and it bombs down without much thought to anything that may get in it's way. I'm planning on demoing a few different bikes as I try to figure out what I want to get to replace the BLT.

Me and the Remedy, I was having a good time, just a little cold and wet.

Craig and the quagmire, it was sloooppppy out there today, but kinda fun for inner swine child.

Tasty, lovely and quiet BC singletrack.

I think I'm sticking my tongue out, nice..

The stream broke its banks and was running down the middle of the trail, we portaged around it to the left. This usually happens to this stream each spring, it was raging though.

Mandatory dirty ass shot.

My lovely muddy legs...

Watch out Remedy this guy looks a little shifty to me!


Kat said...

HI Carey,
Wow! we are such fair weather riders out here in SoCA. Love the mud shots.
We haven't had much rain at all this year. Wild fires , yes. It will be a long season here. Thank the biking Gods for road trips. I can't wait to ride in CO. I've been in amazing thunder & lightning storms in Utah with hail and the like. A bit under prepared at that. We'll be ready in CO. I'm a bit afraid of the alitude, we live at 747 ft.....breathe deep now

Carey said...

We're typically fair weather riders too, but it's been a very wet spring for us after a very dry winter. After a couple of days a rainy weather we're all complaining, hah! Colorado has a mud season in the spring but it's usually from melt not rain. We're going to Salida this weekend to camp, ride and Craig will do some fly fishing, WAY looking forward to it. Be prepared for afternoon thunder and lighting storms out here in July, especially when you're in the Butte, you can count on 'em, try to stay below tree line if you're riding in the afternoon. You'll be fine with altitude, being at cherry creek will help you to adjust and you're strong so it won't be bad, you're gonna have so much fun!