Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I could see on my NOBO ride today how all of the moisture we've gotten lately has made everything really green. Spring really feels like it's here, we're just getting rain now instead of snow and the trees and plants are really popping. The foothills are taking on their fluorescent green that they have this time of year before the summer heat turns them brown. Up at the house a bit higher in elevation the snow is all but gone, things are nice and tacky and the trees have their buds and the bulbs are pushing up. I've started to do some gardening, cutting things back, getting ready for new growth and planting of seeds. The hummingbirds are using the feeders and we have some chickadees nesting in one of our bird houses, I'm still waiting for the wrens to show up.

A small jump in the fantasy bike park

Our back yard bike park is ready to be ridden mostly, we have some new bridges to put into place but the snow is gone and the sun is hitting the yard until almost 7PM so that means warmth, the evenings and nights are still very cool. I think in another few weeks we'll have to have a BBQ, invite friends up for some riding from the house and then some play time in the fantasy bike park. My local backside trails should be mostly clear by now and I plan to start riding them regularly from the house in the afternoon, transitioning from lower rides to higher ones. This weekend even looks promising with no chance as of yet for wet weather, which means working out in the yard, being able to hang laundry on the line and getting some projects under way.


Kim said...

yay spring! all the budding trees are killing me though :(

it's going to be an awesome summer!!!!

Carey said...

Allergies suck and they come at the nicest times of year.