Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day at PW

Emma and Me on PW.

Mother's Day is a bittersweet day for me as all the good and wonderful memories I have of my Mom get mixed with how much I miss her. The bush I planted for her last summer has come back and is sprouting its little leaves and I placed a nice lump of good chocolate out for her, she loved sweets. The day was foggy, cool and wet but not actually raining so we decided to go for a long and lovely ride up at PW with Emma, Sam, Jimmijames and Randy. The trail was in ultra tacky condition which made for excellent traction but the rocks, which there are a lot of at PW, were sketchy and slippery, a good challange. There was a bit of snow on the ground on the upper western loop which was a little unreal since it's May already but it was a good time and nice to be out in the wet with some lovely friends, Emma was the token Mom today, but she got a hall pass to come out and play!

There was a little snow up there from overnight.

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