Monday, July 6, 2009

Bottle Rockets!

One view from atop Miller Rock
Picture by Kim

Great weekend spent out in the woods of the Frasier Valley with friends, dogs, and a nearly full moon. Craig had to work on Friday but I didn't, HAH, so in the morning Kim and I headed to Miller Rock for some fun trail riding. I've been riding Miller Rock for over 15 years and it never ceases to put a smile on my face. It's got such good flow, enough tech and exposure to keep it real and an awesome view from the top of said Miller Rock if you choose to climb up, 360 degrees of beauty.

Me and a nice little ramped huck.
Picture by Kim

Kim hanging by the creek, post ride cool down.
Picture by Kim

That evening Craig and I headed out to Frasier/WP, as we were heading out our friend Eddie called the cell and told us he was having dinner with our other friends Glenn and Paige in WP as they had run into each other. So we met up with them a little later and Glenn and Paige invited us to camp with them. Kim and Dan would join us in the morning. What a hoot it was too..Lots of laughing, riding, some rain, some tarp action, sun, mosquitoes, 5 silly, fun dogs, some singing, delisch s'mores thanks to Kim (very good idea), bottle rocket action, a little exploring, a little being turned around, but mostly smiles and good times. I love it when things fall into place without effort, you know when that happens that it's supposed to be that way, the universe is kinda working with ya. Happily tired and left wanting more, I really didn't want to come home. I could have kept going, driving, exploring, riding my bike, going to bed and waking up whenever, not having contact, being off the clock, off the network, unplugged yet connected to what feels real to me, not what someone else is telling me should feel real. It's so easy to get caught up, sometimes you just need to step back a bit so you can have a greater view of things.

View from Camp.

Paige zooming in.

Kim descending a really cool roller. It was way steeper than it appears.
Before you rolled up on this rock there was a skinny to a little jump then you rolled on to this giant boulder with a blind descent on the other side. Awesome!

Craig hucking off a 3 footer, amazing how the images don't do justice.

My turn, love it!
This was a cool free ride trail we rode somewhere outside of WP. It had all kinds of cool natural features to roll or huck. There were a few wooden features around but some had been destroyed by the logging going on there to remove diseased beetle trees.

Glenn doing that hucking thang!

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G-Lenn said...

Yeah, that rock does not look big at all in the picture. Fun times!