Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Downtown Boulder Arts Festival Thang

Sculpture by Carey Reynolds

From reading this blog you'd think all I do is ride my bike but I'm actually a working professional artist as well, go figure. I love making my art but it's a different relationship for me than riding my bike, it's more intimate so I don't find myself wanting to blog about it so much and who really cares about my process anyway, well my clients more than likely do. So with that in mind, I have an art show this weekend in Boulder, Downtown Boulder Arts Festival on the Pearl Street Mall. Time to set up the booth and drum up some support for us struggling artists. It's a good, little show for Boulder, I'll be on the bricks this year by the courthouse, booth number 1307. Hours are Saturday, July 18th, 10AM to 8PM and Sunday, July 19th, 10AM to 5PM. Come by and visit if you'd like.

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