Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where's the Love??

One of my Sculptures.

Well I can safely say that I've had my 2nd worst show ever and it was in my own town of Boulder, Colorado, yea! I spent this past weekend on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall trying to sell my artwork at the annual Downtown Boulder Arts Fair and noone was buying art or at least not mine. Selling art and doing shows is always a gamble and it's hard to predict the outcome of any show, I was quite surprised even with our poor economy. Reality check I guess and Pearl Street is a tourist area, people on vacation come to Pearl St. to hang out and watch street performers, they're not typically down there to buy art (many of the galleries on Pearl have gone out of business in the last year) but they will throw dollars at men squeezing themselves into small boxes, 10 year old boys playing guitar and singing the same 4 songs off key for 2 hours or for a balloon hat for their kid. I literally had one women come into my booth, gush about how much she liked the work but couldn't afford it and then leave and drop a couple of bucks into a box of a street performer, agh!
I'm really feeling good about my work right now and the response I'm getting towards it so I don't feel like the work is the problem but the economy and quality of show I'm doing. My plan in the last few years has been to stay local, save expense, become a part of my local art community but Boulder may not allow me the type of client that my work draws, or at least not enough of those types of clients. Now if I had a few hummingbird prints I might be on to something..Okay, I'm done venting, it is what it is and I'm happy with my effort and my work, there's a time when I would have taken this more personally but not this time, moving on..
Monday rolled around, I was very tired from the weekend but I managed to haul myself out and meet Jen for a ride up in Ned on some sweet dirt with some fun techy sections that felt good to clear. Nothing like working out some frustration on the bike while carving out a line through some steep rocks, yahoo!

Riding the Dots!
Image by Jen

Next up, Crested Butte Art Festival in a couple of weeks, it has been a good show for me in the past and I love that town. We camp and bring the bikes, so it's so much more than a art show and of course we'll get some Stash while there too..


Kat said...

HI Carey,
Ouch that hurts having a crappy show!
Oh well, on to the next we say. Crested Butte will be yours!
I've been waiting for you to get back to blogtime.
It's been upper 90's - 100 here. Not inspiring for MTB so I've been hitting the road. Not literally of course. We rode our road bikes up a canyon yesterday in Ojai on a road that's almost like Mountain biking. Great rollers, bad pavement in spots, no cars, & a few lung busting climbs with fast descents. Out the door at 7 a.m. due to the heat. I long for Crested Butte trails!!!!
Good luck with your show there.

Carey said...

Hi Kat..
Yes, crappy shows suck but they happen sometimes.
I heard Cali was having a heat wave..when it's that hot you need to head higher if at all possible. Glad to hear you're out on the road bike getting in some miles..I'll be thinking of you while riding the 401 next week!
Stay tuned.

cynthia said...

sorry your show didn't go that well. And I wouldn't hold it against that lady that dropped a 'couple of bucks' in the street performers hat. your art costs a tad bit more than that (and well worth it) so i'm sure it's WAY easier to drop a couple of bucks than a couple of hundred bucks.

hope you have a great CB show. :)