Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joyness is (part II)

Angular Cloud by Betsy Walton
  • Spring rain.
It Lightening and thundered last night and poured rain. It's been raining off and on since then and the clouds are low and heavy this morning, it's absolutely beautiful out there. The plants, trees, grass all seem bright green in contrast, ripe and swollen, ready for when the sun comes back, things will really POP. We rarely get this kind of weather and it's totally soothing to my soul and senses, I too feel like a small, spring plant parched and thirsty from a long winter, ready to soak it all in, new growth.
  • Yoga.
I took a yoga class yesterday and actually REALLY liked it. It was at Corepower Yoga in North Boulder, the room was 80 degrees and you sweat your butt off, it's different than any yoga I've taken before, I didn't have any high hopes for me and it but damn, we found some common ground.
  • Wellies.
As in Wellington rubber boots. The last thing my Mom gave to me and I completely love these boots, they're so freaking practical, work well in the winter and the spring mud season we get at the house and the way they look, I feel like I'm tromping across some pasture land in Wales or Scotland to attend to my sheep (I wish). These boots have a transportive effect to the imagination.

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