Monday, April 5, 2010


Craig, Emma, Randy and I headed west this past weekend for a quick weekend in the Junc and Fruita. Looking up towards the Ribbon trail, this is a vastabulous area.

Saturday was spent riding and playing in the Lunch Loop area pretty much all day, this is one of my favorite places right now. Emma taking a break from the wind which was with us off and on all weekend.

Emma heading up. Lovely dry trails, sweet!

Oh yes, we were starting to find what we were looking for, those little black diamonds started popping up. The Lunch Loop area in GJ has various trails designated specifically for freeriding, technically challenging trail that has various drops of different heights and technical difficulty, steps up and downs, gaps and rock chunk to get through, I'm so jealous as well as pleased to see something that's legal and free that is this gnarly and fun.

Who you calling little! Emma's elbow pads on the left, mine on the right. Too funny!

Oh yes, lunch is free and it's super tasty! Most of the features have go-arounds, in case the pucker factor is too high for ya. Just over this hill is a drop that begins Free Lunch.

Squeeze Me! Somewhere near the end of Free Lunch. Out of order, oh well.

Craig dropping in! It was super windy at the top of Free Lunch, we had wind off and on all weekend but no bad weather really. You had to be careful on the drops with the wind, you could feel it catching you and moving you around. Not the best conditions for catching air but it was all good and we opened our wings and flew.

Me dropping in. There were a couple of bigger drops that I wanted to do but without my full face I didn't feel totally comfortable, so I will be back. The trannies on the drops were really nice.

Craig checking his balance in the wind.

Tight and chunky switchy on Pre Nup, love it! You could spend so much time just sessioning stuff out here, up and down.

Hah! I don't think so. We headed to Rabbit Valley that night to camp and then ride Western Rim on Sunday morning. Fast and fun and different than Saturday but so awesome in it's own sweet desert way. We had some rain during the night on Saturday but Sunday broke with sun and no wind, that changed as the day wore on but it didn't get in the way of lotsa riding and just being, not thinking, laughing a lot, getting dirty, dancing a little, drinking a bit, staring deeply into a fire while the dogs checked out stray calves, none were harrassed. It was deeply satisfying.

Just a short video to show that there are multiple lines on the trails at the Lunch Loop. This is somewhere along Holy Cross. I took the drop, Emma took the flow.

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