Friday, April 9, 2010

Vixen By Jenny Mendes

A little spring time Bunny Lady energy coming at 'cha.
Spring is truly upon us with the manic weather but the good news is the trails are drying out down lower pretty quickly regardless of the weather, we still have plenty of snow at our house for my taste right now. I was able to do a 2 hour after work ride yesterday at Hall Ranch and every bit of trail was good to go except for one small section that is buried deeply in the trees facing north, a small snow bank still hanging on for dear life required me to dismount for a moment or two. It was good. However my body is having issues, specifically the lower right sacrum/hip/back area, it's chronically annoying and aggravated only by my riding. I've been seeing a chiropractor lately, she discovered that my right leg is not shorter than my left, it's just being thrown out of whack by my pelvis/hip, it lengthens 1/2 inch every time she adjusts me, crazy!! I'm seeing a new PT person who thinks that I've compressed my muscles/hip from falling too often on that side and I've been doing stretches and core exercises but nothing seems to be working to relax that whole area. I've still got a tight, compressed lower back/hip and when I ride it eventually winds up even more and begins to throb and begs for me to stop and stretch. I think it may also be effecting other areas of my body which is interesting in a wholistic way, Geeezzzzz. I've also been paying closer attention to my diet lately, looking for ways to tweak things, it's been interesting especially because I already eat a healthy yet restrictive diet, no gluten, diary (now I'm even cutting out goat, boo!), way less sugar (only unrefined) and I'm on a 25 day cleanse, nothing too intense just trying to do some spring cleaning, declutter the body. I've been really psyched on cooking lately too, trying new things, I've discovered two new soups that I absolutly love, one is Cauliflower and the other is Broccoli, so freaking good and easy.
I'm focused on a lot right now, maybe too much, that would be my M.O. after all. I've limited my art shows this year so I only have one more and that's in Crested Butte in August, love this show, it's a good one but of course we get to ride some of the best single track anywhere as well, bonus! I have mixed feelings about scaling back the art biz, but I need a chance to explore some different opportunities, I've been making art and attending art shows for a long time now and I'm a little burned out on the whole thing. I miss just being creative for the sake of just being creative, no other motives, I want to see what happens when I take the pressure to SALE away from the process. I'd also like to take a real holiday next year, one without work involved, it's been a long time. We'll see..
Hippity Hop!

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