Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dirt Rolling Goodness

The end of May and it was time to roll out and spend some time disconnected from the world at large, if for just a few days. It's been a long, wet and cold spring and I wanted to be warm. I wanted there to be sun and blue skies and dry dirt so we headed to GJ/Fruita, something that is never done at the end of May because it's usually too damn hot. Well the first day was really nice but the second day it got hot and unbelievably windy, so windy in fact that we had to cut our ride short due to the fact that we were being blown off the trail quite literally and into the shrubbery. Walls of wind would roar up and over the edge of the canyon rims and slam into us, there was no making nice with this wind.

This one's for JJ

Lovely new trail outside of GJ..not another soul around. Somehow we thought this was going to be a 14 mile DH but it really wasn't. It was a up and down and littered with rocky ramps and ledges, fun!

This ride popped us out on top of this plateau, the views were AH-mazing!
Then that nite the wind arrived as I mentioned already. After our shortened ride the next morning which was actually quite fun, the DUST storm arrived. There was no safe place to hide outside, so we retreated to the truck. The air was hot and full of dust and dirt flying around with no end in sight, it was not fun so we fled to Salida. My soul home. Everytime we go there I feel like I'm coming home.

Yea Capricorns..and rainbows that shoot out of the head of billy goats! Capricorns can focus their mental energies into lovely fragments of colored light, we're special that way. We're always thinking rainbows and what's at the end of that rainbow. I could go on, but I'm gonna stop for everyone's sake.

Boats in Salida...

Alley's have the best stuff to photograph.

It was also Craig's birthday over the weekend, so he got to do a little fishin'. The Arkansas was high and it's always a tough time of year to fish it but he managed to get two on the line while I managed to do nothing but lay on the rocks in the sun reading.

and hang out with Ringo the Dingo

We rode in Salida too of course. Added their new trail Little Rainbow onto the end of our ride, it was fun, kinda wide, maybe it will narrow down with time, but fast and not technical. The wind was in Salida as well, not as bad but still pretty windy up higher and a serious chill to the air at times. They have a new trail above town too that we checked out. I like that Salida keeps building new trails, adding more to an already awesome trail network. There was some talk of retiring to Salida some day, a little casita with a little land, I like that.
On a side note..I hope to start adding some of the recipes and nutrition experiments I've been up to in the last year to this blog.


JenyJo said...

a.) don't ya LOVE having rainbow energy?

b.) 5 bucks says we end up retiring in the same place.


hugs your way, girl.


Buzz said...


How old are you girls anyway?



...and talking 'bout RETIREMENT already!!!

You both must have good jobs?

...I'm lookin' at WORKING( and o'course riding!!) 'til the *end*...


Go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blur LT and Ti
29er......hmmmmmmmmmmm... I ride both of those!!!

and you both RIP! in rip! know.

I'm drinking and typing so take it with a grain..